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Faisal Ali Qane CEO of <a href=”https://faisal-ali-qane.business.site”><strong>Majestic Arts</strong></a> Global. In 2000 started his business as an Karakul Fur trader. Soon established his own successful supply chain network from Afghanistan,Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Namibia to Europe. Qane was among selected premium Fur traders; gained the trust and mentorship of Legends in Fur Industry and Great <a href=”https://faisal-ali-qane.business.site”><strong>Art collectors</strong></a>. He has the privilege of association with World renowned Experts in the exclusive works of Arts by Leonardo da Vinci. During this learning curve Qane further expanded his Fur business with Prestigious Brands like Prada, Fendi, Armani, Dior, Chanel and in parallel enhanced his knowledge and meticulous skills for the Business in <a href=”https://faisal-ali-qane.business.site/#gallery”><strong>Works of Arts</strong></a>. Also Qane amplified his business strength in Arts industry by further association with Legend Technocrats who were globally known for benefactions to the field of artwork and Pioneer in using Multispectral Imaging Techniques for evaluation of Works of Arts. By 2017 Qane completely shifted his focus on the business of Works of Art and soon touched 6 billion-dollar mark with his matchless meticulous knowledge combined with time ahead technical aid. Apart from trade of art pieces, Qane frequently provide valuable recommendations and Art investment advices to Investors and Bankers globally from Americas, Africa, GCC, CIS and Asia. Qane with the technical advices and support of Works of Arts Technocrats attained new altitudes by presenting the <a href=”https://faisal-ali-qane.business.site”><strong>Art collectors</strong></a> and Investors’ certainty of bonafide and assured his client’s multi-billion investments are well positioned in Genuine Scientifically Authenticated Works of Arts

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