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Winsar Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. (Dubai Branch) is pleased to announce and celebrate its first anniversary of operation as a wholly owned subsidiary of Winsar Infosoft India. Previously, WINHMS was supported by a local partner in Dubai. Taking over and establishing an office locally has provided Winsar Infosoft with the opportunity to considerably streamline the Dubai operations and also increase sales and product reach directly with clients

WINHMS Hotel management system provides wide range support for the mid level to star comfort hotel industries. This software includes the multiple optional modules like Golf, restaurant, SPA etc with some unique features.

It helps to achieve better results by increasing efficiency in both front and back office operations. Unique ERP architecture ensures higher visibility of MIS, seamless interdepartmental communication, powerful audit trails and arresting all revenue leaks.

 Superior technical design, internationally accepted norms, powerful and user-friendly features empowers you to provide better service to Guests.

 WINHMS is composed of the above core independent modules, which are seamlessly integrated with each other as given above with final consolidation at Accounts.

 WINHMS offers flexibility of starting with any one or combination of these modules as per client needs and later add additional modules (plug & use) based on business expansion.

Alternatively the WINHMS Front Office modules can be integrated with other third party Back office products or WINHMS Back Office modules can be integrated with other third party Front Office products.

 WINHMS comes in three distinct flavors, ensuring that no matter how small or big your business is, all the individual requirements are met. The offerings include

·WINHMS Express – for small & medium size Hotels

·WINHMS Professional – for large and medium size Hotels

·WINHMS Enterprise – for large Hotels and Hotel Chains

Apart from the above ERP integrated solutions, WINHMS offers the following stand-alone or partially integrated modules:

Engineering Management

Visitor Management

Task Management






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